​​Small Business Services We Provide

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
    • Billing & Receivables Processing
    • Vendor & Employee Reimbursement Payment Processing
    • Payroll Service Implementation & Management
    • Human Resources – Tax & Regulatory Compliance, Benefits Management, and Policy Development
    • Reconciliations
    • Journal Entries
    • Month and Year-End Closings
    • ​Document Management
  • Financial Statement Preparation – Cash, Accrual, GAAP, or Tax Basis
    • Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Financial Statements
    • ​Analysis, Recommendations, and Expected Impact on Forecast Results
    • Support for Compilations, Reviews and Audits
  • Business Financial Planning & Analysis
    • Budget Preparation or Assistance
    • Cash Flow Forecasting and Advice
    • Investment, Financing, and Tax Evaluations
    • Product/Service/Job Profitability Analysis & Cost Accounting
    • Return on Marketing Investments – Tracking, Analysis & Recommendations
  • Income Taxes, Sales Taxes, and Other Local Taxes – Preparation, Review, and Planning for Traditional or “Flow-Through” Entities (LLC, LLP, etc.)
    • Sole Proprietorships
    • Partnerships
    • “S” Corporations
    • “C” Corporations
    • Small Business Relocations
  • Part-time CFO / Controller Services for Small Businesses
    • Ongoing Every-Day Financial Advice / Q&A / Decision Support
    • Permanent, Temporary or Occasional Support to Fill a Key Position
    • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Either Part-Time or Full-Time
  • Assistance with Business & Accounting Software
    • System Selection, Implementation / Conversion, and Training
    • Quick Books Optimization, Customization, Supplemental Controls, and General Support
  • Efficiency and Systems Analysis​​
    • Procedure Creation, Simplification & Documentation
    • Internal Control Implementation & Analysis
    • Financial Function (Structure & Personnel) Assessment
  • Business & Strategic Plans
    • ​Identification & Reporting on Key Strategic Drivers (KPI/KRI)
    • Big Company Best Practices for Small Companies
    • Tactics for Profitable Growth
    • New Business Startups
  • Contract Management – For the things your lawyer doesn’t do
    • Purchasing Standards, RFQ Process, RFP Evaluation
    • Financial and Tax Implications of Contract Terms
    • Contract Compliance Support

Small Business Services

Small business services are tailored to companies with up to $10 million in annual sales, and are focused on process efficiency, savings and controls.  We have the extensive small firm cost and management accounting expertise that most firms don't.  Whether you need help getting invoices sent to customers, employees paid, taxes filed, books closed, reports run, or just want to supplement your firm’s accounting and finance capabilities; we have extensive experience executing the day to day activities every business requires.  Give yourself a competitive advantage and leverage the expertise, practices, tools, and programs of Gulf Island Accounting & Tax.

Value Created - By Helping You Make The Right Choices

Gulf Island Accounting & Tax adds value by enabling your organization to: Increase sales and reduce costs by making the right decisions based upon good information and reasonable criteria.  We offer day-to-day small business support combined with specialist expertise typically only available to large companies, we perform the infrequent accounting and finance functions when your existing staff cannot, and we can perform those valuable business functions that need to be done right the first time and every time.

Postcard Image - Sanibel Florida - Gulf Island Accounting and Tax - Small Business Services Include - Accounting & Bookkeeping, Financial Statement Preparation, Financial Planning & Analysis, Business & Accounting Software, Tax Filing and Preparation and Representation, Part-Time Controller & CFO Services, Financial Coaching & Insight Sessions, Business and Strategic Plans, Efficiency and Process Analysis, Contract Management

Gulf Island Accounting & Tax

Focus On Your Business ... We Will Too

Gulf Island Accounting & Tax

Focus On Your Business ... We Will Too

20% Off, Postcard Image - Sanibel Florida - Gulf Island Accounting & Tax - New Business Support Services - Quickbooks Online, QBO, Establishing Internal Controls for QBO, Onboarding new accounting staff, double chiecking forecasts and investment ideas, strategies for minimizing income and other taxes, online calendar, evaluation of bank and benefit and other potential vendors, payroll and state and local tax filings, applications and forms, once a year activities, 1099s, benefit plans, audit support, setting profiable prices, collection practices, cash management, key reports, document management program, related party & owner/entity seperation matters

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​​Why Hire Us?

In addition to all of our proprietary tools, specialized capabilities, and years of hands-on accounting and finance experience working with small companies, we bring you unrivaled: Focus on your needs, value, insight, and compatibility.  Work with a local firm that delivers confidence, quality, personal service, and the shared perspective of competing against firms with dozens of offices and thousands of employees.  Call us at 239-233-3442 to get started today.