Focus On Your Business ... We Will Too

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A: Zautcke CPA, P.L.L.C.
A: Gulf Island Accounting & Tax

Picture of Financial Planning & Analysis workers discussing services offered by Zautcke CPA including Budgeting & Forecasting and Financial Planning & Analysis in Ft. Myers Florida
Picture of Financial Planning & Analysis services offered by Zautcke CPA including Budgeting & Forecasting and Financial Planning & Analysis



Focus On Your Business ... We Will Too

Financial Planning & Analysis Services

Our financial planning and analysis services span the entire range of capabilities and functions you find in-house at the world’s largest companies.  Whether you need short-term strategic support with a specific challenge, or general guidance and executive management of the finance and accounting teams, we have extensive experience developing talent, improving processes, generating substantive ideas, optimizing investments, managing cash flow, and preparing actionable reports.  If you do not have, or do not need a permanent Finance Director; leverage the expertise, practices, tools, and programs of ZAUTCKE CPA, P.L.L.C. and pick only the services you need to get the best return on your time and investment.

How Do We Add Value?

Why Hire Us?

In addition to all of our proprietary tools, specialized capabilities, and years of hands-on financial analysis experience working with both large and small companies, we bring you unrivaled: Focus on your needs, value, insight, and compatibility.  Work with a locally based firm that delivers confidence, quality, and personal service.  Call now – (239) 233-3442.

Financial planning & analysis services add value by leading your business to: Increase revenues and reduce costs by making the right decisions based upon good information and reasonable criteria.  We guide you to build profit momentum; decrease the cost of real and perceived risks; uncover and unlock hidden value; and help you to invest in the right things, in the right amount, in the right order, at the right time.   We offer specialist expertise, we perform the infrequent technical finance functions when your existing staff cannot, and we can perform those valuable business functions that just need to get done.

FP&A Services - What We Offer To Address Your Circumstances

Our decades of finance, analysis, and management accounting experience; broad skill set; creativity; and specialized knowledge provide the talent you need to execute this key position on an interim or part-time basis.

Budgeting & Forecasting
Acting as part of your finance and accounting team, we can -

  • Provide oversight and direction for all short and long-term financial planning/budgeting including overall company, product lines, divisions, and project initiatives

  • Develop annual operating plans, capital budgets, and operating budgets including a full financial model of the company

  • Provide current P&L forecasts for product and service lines, support departments, new investments, compensation, and overall company

  • ​Provide focused, relevant, and actionable management reports

Financial Planning & Analysis
Acting as part of your finance and accounting team, we can -

  • Analyze operating results and report on their impact on profitability

  • Provide actionable insights, analysis, and recommendations

  • Improve marketing and sales effectiveness

    • Optimize pricing strategies and practices including foreign currency strategies

    • Develop pricing frameworks, guidelines and models

    • Setup a Return Maximized Marketing program

    • Perform marketing accountability evaluations (a/k/a - Did you really make money on that advertisement?)

    • Identify improvements to your sales process

  • Identify actionable cost reduction recommendations for: Production, delivery, overhead, and specific cost elements

  • Perform pure measurement/ROI/estimating studies

  • Implement a KPI dashboard information system and align it with strategy for the organization and each appropriate division

  • Correctly perform the right investment analysis for all potential opportunities – products, services, people, marketing, technology, etc. using one or more method (Real Options, EVA, NPV, IRR, etc.)

  • Calculate the weighted and incremental cost of capital at the company, division, or project level

  • Perform financial analysis for all merger, acquisition, or expansion opportunities

  • Optimize pricing strategies and practices including foreign currency strategies

  • Enhance the accuracy of all cost estimating processes – client bids, investments, projects, buy v. build

  • Confidently oversee all financial modeling including sensitivity and probability testing

  • Analyze economic and industry trends, ratios and other benchmarks and recommend proactive actions

  • Develop tools and systems to provide critical financial and operational information to the CEO and business leadership team​