Executive Management Services

Whether you need short-term strategic support with a specific challenge, or general guidance and executive management, we have extensive experience developing strategy, growing talent, improving processes, increasing value, and improving profitability.

Value Created – By Overcoming Strategic and Tactical Challenges to Improve Profitability and Enterprise Value

Executive management services add value by enabling your organization to: Identify and exploit opportunities, stay focused, uncover hidden assets, make better decisions leading to greater revenues and lower costs, make marketing and sales processes more effective to increase revenues, and make operating and overhead processes more efficient to reduce costs.

What We Do To Address Your Challenges


Focus On Your Business ... We Will Too


Picture of Executives impressed with the quality and scope of executive services offered by Zautcke CPA including Strategy, Human Resources, and Information Technology

Why Hire Us?

In addition to all of our proprietary tools, specialized capabilities, and years of hands-on CFO & COO experience working with both large and small companies, we bring you unrivaled: Focus on your needs, value, insight, and compatibility.  Work with a locally based firm that delivers confidence, quality, and personal service.  Call now – (239) 233-3442.


Focus On Your Business ... We Will Too

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Our broad skill set, years of hands-on COO & CFO experience, and history of successful executions allow us to provide the talent you need to advance key functions on an interim or part-time basis. 

Acting as part of the senior management team, we -

  • Develop long-term corporate strategy

    • Provide general economic trends positioning (1-3 years)

    • Provide future industry and technology positioning (3-15 years)

  • Create and update business plans

  • Identify and analyze the potential of new products/services

  • Implement strategic, operational and financial improvements to create value

  • Prepare your company for growth and remove the barriers to expansion

  • Improve profitability, reduce complexity, and eliminate waste throughout the organization

  • Drive alignment of strategy with company’s long-range plans, budgets, and key performance indicators
  • Support merger & acquisition activity – identify opportunities, evaluate deals, optimize financing, negotiate deals, perform due diligence, and lead integration management

Human Resources
Acting as part of the senior management team, we -

  • Develop effective and cost efficient employee compensation structures to retain and motivate company employees

  • Improve employee commission programs, incentive programs, executive compensation plans, and stock option plans
  • Direct compliance with wage and labor laws
  • Manage related party transaction reporting
  • Maintain and improve human resources policies, procedures, and forms
  • Handle unemployment claims
  • Administer employee benefit plans, including: Health insurance, profit sharing, 401(k) & other tax advantaged plans, cafeteria benefits plans, life insurance, short and long-term disability insurance, long-term care insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, transit benefits, employment practices liability insurance, officers and directors insurance, fiduciary liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, foreign travel insurance, and key person insurance

Information Technology
Acting as part of the senior management team, we -

  • Provide general oversight of the Information Technology function

  • Assist in the development of technology strategies and tactics
  • Evaluate the utility of proposed system implementations and upgrades to existing information systems
  • Assess the cost, schedule, and expected ROI of technology upgrades and implementations
  • Establish measures for determining ROI for technology projects
  • Provide oversight of the development, implementation, and maintenance of systems and processes
  • Develop information tools and systems
  • Implement “Analytics” - develop, report, interpret, and implement advanced business intelligence and automation tools that utilize experimental design, iterative modeling, multivariate regression analysis, statistical inference, and statistical interpretation & calculation
  • Ensure business decisions are based on reliable information and reasonable criteria
  • Establish proper controls and monitoring for staff internet and social media use