Corporate Accounting & Finance Services

Our accounting and finance services span the entire range of the finance and accounting functions you find in-house at the world’s largest companies.  Whether you need short-term strategic support with a specific challenge, or general guidance and executive management of the finance and accounting teams, we have extensive experience developing talent, improving processes, generating substantive ideas, optimizing internal controls, managing cash flow, and preparing financial reports.  If you need a high level of accounting and finance experience; leverage the expertise, practices, tools, and programs of Zautcke CPA, P.L.L.C. and pick only the services you need to get the best return on your time and investment.

Value Created - By Helping You Do What Needs To Be Done

Zautcke CPA, P.L.L.C. adds value by enabling your organization to: Increase revenues and reduce costs by making the right decisions based upon good information and reasonable criteria.  We perform the infrequent technical accounting and finance functions when your existing staff cannot, and we perform those valuable business functions that need to be done right the first time and every time.

What We Do For Larger Clients

Services we provide include:

  • Executive Management & Team Leadership

    • Drive Value Creation through Strategic, Operational and Financial Improvements

    • Develop and Lead a High Performance Accounting and Finance Team
    • Lead Policy Development and Execution
    • Oversight of Information Technology Function
    • Oversight of Human Resources Function
  • Controller & Accounting Services
    • Financial Reporting & Accounting
      • Business Accounting Services
      • Resolution of Complex Technical Issues or Transactions
      • Assistance with Changes to GAAP or IFRS
      • Implementation of New Technologies
    • ​​​Cost Accounting
    • Contract Management & Negotiation
    • Internal Controls, Compliance & Risk Management
    • Tax Accounting & Compliance
  • Finance Director Services
    • Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Financial Planning & Analysis
    • Analytics and Modeling
    • Operational Reviews and Process Improvement
  • Treasury & Investment Services
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Investment Analysis & Decision Making

Why Hire Us?

In addition to all of our proprietary tools, specialized capabilities, and years of hands-on CFO & COO experience working with both large and small companies, we bring you unrivaled: Focus on your needs, value, insight, and compatibility.  Work with a locally based firm that delivers confidence, quality, and personal service.  Call now – (239) 233-3442.

Picture of Large Corporate Office Where They Could Use The Services of Zautcke CPA - Executive Management & Team Leadership, Controller & Accounting Services, Finance Director Services, Treasury & Investment Services

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Focus On Your Business ... We Will Too


Focus On Your Business ... We Will Too