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that means increasing profitability, having strategic vision, improving efficiency, securing assets, and avoiding regulatory and tax problems.


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The most important thing is achieving your goals

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We provide business accounting, tax, and financial services for the growth, security, and success of your company.  Whether you need help getting invoices sent to customers, employees paid, taxes filed, books closed, reports run, or just want to supplement your firm's accounting and finance capabilities; we have extensive experience executing the day to day activities every business requires combined with a commitment to creating value and providing extraordinary personal service to businesses of all sizes.

​​For Individuals and Families ...

that means being able to confidently deal with the financial complexities, responsibilities, and decisions you face on an ongoing basis.  Whether you need help with day-to-day finances, long-term decisions, tax filings, tax planning, or other financial problems; you will receive the personal and confidential service you expect.

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All initial consultations are free of charge, at your business or residence, and are scheduled in advance.  Offer valid only in Lee County, Florida.  See our Price List  for current hourly rates.

Picture of Bart Zautcke: The firm is currently managed by Bart Zautcke. Mr. Zautcke has been a resident of Sanibel since 2011, and is a licensed CPA in both Floida and Illinois. He is a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), a Certified Managemet Accountant (CMA), Certified in Financial Management (CFM), and received a Master of Accountancy degree in Financial Management from UW-Madison. Mr. Zautcke has worked with companies ranging from startups to global industry leaders, and has over a quarter century of financial experience. He can be reached directly at
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Creating Value

Zautcke CPA, P.L.L.C. adds value by enabling your business to: Increase revenues and reduce costs by making good decisions based upon reliable information and reasonable criteria, and by performing crucial business functions that must be done both right and on time when your existing staff cannot. 

Providing Extraordinary Personal Service That You Would Proactively Recommend

We work with the responsibility of a w-2 mindset, not a 1099 mentality.  We help you internalize and implement, not just provide insights.  That is why we are focused on what you need, not what we have.  We deliver the service level you need.  Pit stop, tune up or complete overhaul.

We use what you use. We are not married to a methodology or proprietary system.  We use the tools that work best given where you are now.  We use only off the shelf technology.  The services we provide do not need expensive technical platforms, programming, support, or licensing fees.

We work like you want to.  Communication should be fast, efficient and effective.  Conversations, emails, texts, actionable executive summaries are much easier to implement than 100 page reports or 200 page PowerPoints that have no point.   Whether online or in person, meetings must have a point, get things done, and not redo what has already been done.

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Our License: AD69965

We do not outsource your work overseas like some firms.  Your work will always be done locally by a CPA or bookkeeper in Southwest Florida.

The firm is currently managed by Bart Zautcke.  Mr. Zautcke moved from Chicago to Sanibel in 2011, and is a licensed CPA in both Floida and Illinois.  He is a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA), a Certified Managemet Accountant (CMA), Certified in Financial Management (CFM), and received a Master of Accountancy degree in Financial Management from UW-Madison.  Mr. Zautcke has worked with companies ranging from startups to global industry leaders, and has over a quarter century of financial experience.  He can be reached directly at 

​​Focus on Small Business Donation Deductions - 


Contrary to most media reports, the recent federal tax law changes should actually help most charitable organizations; and small business owners should now be able to enjoy a substantial tax benefit from their charitable donations.  Given the high degree of involvement most small businesses have with local non-profit organizations for marketing/philanthropic purposes, the recent changes are worth knowing about.  More information on these issues can be found through the downloadable document and link below.  If you would prefer to discuss a specific situation, or would like information from a past CLIENT CORNER post, please call us at 239-233-3442.